3 Ways to use style to be seen

You can show up as yourself using your sense of style to get your point across. Your style is your non-verbal message!

Melissa Dickson, CEO/Founder of Style Clarity Co.

How do you want people to remember you? According to multiple research sources, visual memories seem to be more reliable than auditory ones. In other words, what people see, they are more likely to remember than what they hear. So when you wear that amazing dress with the crystal details, I can bet the new client you met is going to remember you!

So what happens when you feel like you blend into a room? It is easy to feel like no one acknowledges you at large events or smaller gatherings Trying to network and build clientele in a sea of many can be daunting especially for a small business owner. When this happens, the power of style is always there to give you solutions! Your personal style can always be an extension of your voice. You can use it to get louder and be heard. I don’t mean that you will be an attention grabber (but you can be in a good way!) However, the magic of style is that it invokes confidence when you wear clothing that makes you feel capable, beautiful, powerful and is true to who you are. You speak and articulate better. You feel inspired to share when others compliment you. You are compelled to share your services when people are impressed and ask what you do. It all works in your favor!

Here are some ways to improve your personal style without losing your identity and still turn up the volume on your impact:

1. Wear your favorite color.

  • Color attracts and invokes emotion
  • The color you love makes you feel beautiful
  • You are more than likely to have this color in your wardrobe already

2. Accessorize authentically and sentimentally.

  • Accessories that mean something to you remind you of your purpose
  • Statement pieces add stylish elements to a basic look for interest
  • Accessories can be great conversation starters for networking

3. Accentuate your body with silhouettes you love.

  • Clothing that fits your shape well helps to limit body insecurity
  • Silhouettes that flatter shows others you understand style and taste
  • You feel, speak and move confidently when you know you look good