Creative Consulting

Partner for Peer Support in your Projects!

service #1

Project Consultation

30 min call + Resources

  • 30 Minute Phone/Video Consultation
  • One on one support to brainstorm or do research for your creative project
  • Follow Up Summary with Resource Links to support your project via email
  • Get the help you need when you get stuck on ideas!

Feel Proud When Someone Sees Your Brand Online!

service #2

Digital brand assessment

assessment call + guidance materials

  • 60 Minute Social Media Assessment Call with goal setting
  • Specialized Guide for Social Media improvement for 2 platforms
  • 1 Month Email Accountability Follow Up on progress
  • Get a fresh pair of eyes on your branding!

take away the stress of figuring out what to post!

service #3

content creation

monthly calls + templates

  • Two 30 Minute Content Creation Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Social Media Plans with 6 post templates
  • 1 Month Email Accountability Follow Up on progress
  • Batch your content with help so you can free your time!

Get the Professional, Fun Look You’ve Always Wanted!

service #4

digital style upgrade

consult + resources + Custom branding

  • 60 Minute consultation on style preferences + Follow up calls
  • Detailed Brand Style Guide with logo, fonts and style preferences
  • 12 Customized Social Media Templates
  • Customized Reel & Video Idea Guide
  • 3 Document Templates OR Website Elements
  • Choose to brand your business aesthetically!

You may be wondering…

Consultant will meet for 30 minutes with Client to discuss their ideas for a Creative Project. Creative Project scope is limited to Photoshoots, Short/Long form Videos, Print Projects, Business Ideas and certain events. Consultant can assist in brainstorming and can research for Client possible options for their idea. After consultation, Client will receive an email including a summary of Consultation call, findings of research, including images/ moodboards, and resource links or contacts that can assist.

Consultant will meet for 60 minutes and provide feedback on Client’s performance, consistency and engagement on (2) social media platforms. Two action steps for improving any of these elements will be provided on the call and via email. (1) Follow Up email in a month will provide accountability for progress on adapting those action steps to strategy.

Consultant will meet for 60 minutes to plan Client’s social media posts for 1 month (or monthly). We will discuss and decide on frequency. Consultant will also assist with helping/teaching Client how choose images, copy and research for impact and strategy. Following the session, a monthly social media plan will be provided incorporating the plan/content. This time can also be used to training on any aspect of content creation from software to platform analytics. Monthly follow up via email will be provided for accountability for progress on adapting social media plan/posts.

Upon completion of a request form or a consultation call, a Brand Style Guide and 12 social media templates will be created for Client’s brand/social media platform of their choosing. Edits can only be requested twice. Client will be forwarded a guide for creating reels and videos for your brand/social media platform. Lastly, Client can request 3 document/website element templates with their brand style elements. These can consist of flyers, application forms, guides, website banners, etc. This will help with consistent branding!

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That depends on the service and what you need! In our consultation call, when we decide if we are a good fit, we can discuss timelines and if there are any service limitations on time. Many services are time dependent so it’s important to know what will work for your needs.