3 reasons you need to reset Your style To impress

Yes, They saw the hole in your shirt!

Whether you are trying to grow your business or get ahead in your career, you can’t neglect your personal style. I know the past few years have been a struggle for us all but as life is continuing to unfold, its time to focus on your style and put down the sweatpants and leggings (at least when you aren’t working from home. 🙂 )

Your style is much more powerful than you think and this is why….

1. Your style and appearance is the first thing your others see when they meet you.

Yes, people will check your instagram (you know you do it too!). What if you happen to meet someone who could be a potential client while at an event and you were not dressed to impress, do you think they would keep your business card? Appearance and aesthetics is unfortunately how most of us decide if we want to spend our money or not. It’s time to be mindful of our personal style, but of course authentically 🙂

“Like it or not, your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person. The question is not whether you care about fashion, it’s more about what you’re communicating intentionally or unconsciously through your fashion choices.”

Molly Reynolds, Inc.com

2. You work in the beauty, style or business industry – this matters.

If your business or career fits into the beauty, style or business space, then appearance and how you show up is important. You want to be sure that you are representing the experience you want your clients to have with your product or service. How do you think beauty influencers got to be what they are today? They represented their brand and skill by wearing makeup and doing it well! Same thing goes for you and I (but of course not for our makeup :D)

3. looking good shows investment even if you can’t afford much.

You do not need to shop at Neiman Marcus to have a closet full of stylish clothing and accessories. It is about finding clothing that fits your body, your budget and your personality. This communicates your intentions and positively influences your goals, both business and personal. Investing in yourself shows you will invest in others. It tells those around you that will take care of them and their needs through your business and services! Focus on pieces that represent who you are, and will support your current goals and wallet – if that is H&M, so be it!

To begin a journey of truly investing in your personal style, it has to start in the place where you get ready everyday. The place where you put outfits together that work (or don’t). It is the #1 pain point for most of us women and the reason we take forever getting dressed – the closet.