How to Redefine Your Style When Your Body Changes

Self care and admiration is the first step in redefining your style when you are adjusting to body changes.

Melissa Dickson, CEO/Founder of Style Clarity Co.

The style journey can be exciting when you are buying new clothing and creating outfits you have wanted to wear for so long. However, when you are navigating a new body, new sizes and a closet filled with clothing that no longer fits, it can be quite overwhelming.

In my years as a personal stylist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges women face when their bodies undergo changes. Personally, I’ve gone through my own change with weight loss in the past year. Whether it’s shifting to a larger or smaller size, the journey of embracing these transformations isn’t always straightforward or easy to navigate. The psychological impact of dressing in a body that’s evolving can be frustrating, often leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and negative self-talk.

Understanding that these changes stem from various phases in life, including health issues, pregnancy, or hormonal shifts, is so important. As women, we’re constantly scrutinized externally, and when our style no longer aligns with our evolving bodies, it can exacerbate feelings of discomfort.

So, how do we navigate this transitional phase and redefine our style? As a stylist, I acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but I can offer actionable steps to help you embrace your evolving self and cultivate a personal style that resonates with you.

Tip 1

Prioritize Inner Work. Before diving into wardrobe changes, it’s essential to address any underlying issues related to body image and self-esteem. Seeking support from a therapist or counselor can provide valuable insights and help you develop a healthier relationship with your body. Remember, true style radiates from within, and addressing internal struggles is fundamental to creating an authentic personal style.

Therapy and Counseling Resources: Explore options such as your Insurance Provider Networks, Better Help, Psychology Today, or Therapy for Black Girls.

Tip 2

Experiment with New Colors & Patterns. Adding a fresh burst of color or experimenting with bold patterns can breathe new life into your wardrobe. Start small by incorporating a new color or pattern into your outfit rotation. This simple yet effective step can spark creativity and open doors to previously unexplored style possibilities. New colors or patterns are great because they offer a fresh new perspective on what we would not normally wear and show us the possibilities. Starting with a new color or pattern is also a small enough change to get you interested in trying new things without a huge commitment you are not ready for. So, give a new color a try, even if it’s only a new t-shirt or blouse!

Have fun with color! If there is a photo that inspires you, try using this image color palette generator to discover new colors you can put together for outfits and looks.

Tip 3

Invest in Learning. Enhancing your style requires continuous learning and exploration. Whether it’s enrolling in a style course, curating a Pinterest inspiration board, or seeking guidance from a personal stylist, investing in your style education can be monumental. Embrace opportunities to expand your knowledge and refine your fashion choices to align with your evolving lifestyle. If you are feeling uninspired then take time out to gain more knowledge to help get your creativity flowing!

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